Half Birthday for Lilly Maye!




I am a huge fan of half birthdays! Who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate! I also love birthdays, so this comes as no surprise. They are the perfect reason to shower someone with love at random times throughout the year!

Lilly has grown and changed SO MUCH in the past six months! I cannot believe she will be THREE this summer?! How is that even possible.

She is so much fun! Lilly is full of life, love, and laughter! And she is so incredibly smart. And sassy. We have our hands full for sure! She can count to 10 if you have her full attention, say 80% of the alphabet on her own, and still working on her colors. She LOVES to be outside and playing with friends. Anyone that will chase her and laugh with her is her new favorite person. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home with her everyday. I could not imagine my life any other way during this season. She is such a blessing to me! And teaching me new things everyday. She feels every emotion there is and feels them strongly. Although it can be trying at times, I do love that about her! She is definitely one of my favorite people of all times!



Sometimes picture time calls for reinforcements! And we know who to ask. Lilly loves Coo-wee (Corey) so much!

And we couldn’t take pictures of sister without getting at least one of this handsome boy. He is sooooo in to clapping lately and it’s adorable!


Thanks for coming by,


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