Liam Henry: 6 & 7 months.

Happy New Year!

One day I will be caught up on all the sleep I have missed out on since May… but for now, I will just keep on posting late πŸ˜‰

Liam’s sixth month FLEEEEEEEEEEW by! So quickly. The holidays didn’t help that either! So we will just stick with his picture updates for that month… He started setting up just in time for pictures in front of the tree too!






And now just a week plus a few days late on Liam’s 7 month update!

This handsome little boy is 16.2 lbs!

7 months:

  • Liam loves his mama!
  • LOVES to EAT! He nurses like a champ and looooovesssss solids! Whether it’s a pouch, fruit, mom’s eggs with feta, or Sister’s tortellinis… homeboy is eating it as fast as he can.
  • Almost crawling! Trying so hard. He can make it a few “arm strides” before dropping to his belly and army crawling. He’ll get there soon!
  • Loves to play with balls and sister! He thinks she is so funny and always wants to be with her
  • He is so smart too! He can wave hi/bye, clap, and “dance”

We have so much fun with this boy! I can barely remember what life was like without him.





You are so, so, soooooo loved Liam!!

Annnnnnd I am trying really hard to be BACK to blogging! New year’s means attempting to sticking to new goals?

Thanks for coming by,


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