Bump-date: 37 weeks.


How far along? 37 weeks today. I know these next three weeks are going to flyyyyyy by!

Baby is the size of: A romaine lettuce! Weighing about 6-ish lbs. and almost 19in. long!

Total weight gain/loss: 30ish lbs. I think by the end I will gain more than I did with Lilly (33ish lbs.) this time… which I am trying to be ok with! I mean, I can’t stay away from the chocolate chip cookies… so it only makes sense 😉

Maternity clothes? Maternity shorts, nike shorts, and dresses! Oh and my beloved chacos are pretty much the only shoes I live in now! Breathable and adjustable! haha.

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. Thank you Burt’s Bees Belly Butter!!

Sleep: Sleep seems impossible! Ha. Unless I am napping, then it’s wonderful! Although my house, chores, and editing time would say differently. I am just getting up soooooo frequently to use the bathroom! Even if I don’t drink anything a couple of hours before bed. And I think we need a new mattress 😉 So I am blaming the bed! I am so restless at night. But I catch up (some) on rest with a nap the next day.

Exercise?: I am trying to balance exercise and rest in the last weeks. I don’t want to be obsessive about working out, but I don’t want to be too lazy. So I am alternating days with working out and resting. Last Wednesday I did a yoga video. Thursday I took an active rest day, Lilly and I went to the zoo and she decided she wanted to be held most of the time. So 25 lbs toddler on my hip + walking in the heat for over an hour = some sort of workout? Friday I did a workout video. Saturday I had two photo sessions and went to my moms twice (third floor), so I am counting all the walking/squatting/stair climbing as a workout out. Because I was BEAT Saturday night. Sunday I took a rest day. Monday we went for a long family walk and then I bounced on my yoga ball (it’s like effortless squats?) for about 25-30 minutes. Tuesday I took a rest day. And today I am doing another workout video and maybe a walk tonight with the family?

Best moment this week: Finishing Lilly and Liam’s shared nursery and finally getting that post up! I also had a prenatal appointment last Thursday and we got to hear little mans heartbeat, always so sweet! I am down to weekly appointments and will have my first “check” at my next appointment. I know it doesn’t change anything, but I would still like to know where I am!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach! And sleep. And being able to hold my bladder for more than an hour.

Movement: Yes! He is a wiggle worm. Although I can feel the movement starting to slow down. But I know that’s because he is sooooooo low and is running out of room to wiggle.

Food cravings: Iced coffee!! Chocolate chip cookies. And cheeeeeese!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!


Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks here and there, but nothing like the week before!

Belly Button in or out? Officially out! That must mean the end is near?!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happppppy 🙂

Looking forward to: My next prenatal appointment and trying to guess when Liam will be here!

If you missed last weeks bump-date, you can check it out HERE!!!


And how perfect is my husband for getting this picture with the sunset?!


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