Shared Nursery.


This is how Lilly feels about having to share her room with little brother! 😉

So. much. SASS.

She will love it though! And it’ll be a few months until Liam is even in there, so she will have time to adjust!

It feels so good to have their room done! To have his crib up, closet organized, and changing station cleaned and stocked with Liam’s Honest Company diaper bundle and new cloth diapers! Along with Lilly’s summer bundle that just came in and her cloth diapers as well. We might need another shelf 😉

I had so many plans and ideas for their room, but I also wanted to keep a lot of what we had. I didn’t want to go out and spend a ton of money to completely transform their room. Because let’s be real, as a newborn and (almost) two year old, they do not care about the decorations!

I have been loving all the little foxes and knew that was something I wanted for Liam! So I decided on a “semi-woodlands”/wild flower theme for them! To have a touch of boy and a tough of girl without being too drastic of a girly side and boy side. Lilly is easily distracted, so I didn’t want too much on the walls! She helps me to keep her room clean because she won’t even nap if there are toys EVERYWHERE. Because then all she wants to do is get out of her crib and play!

Again, I was going for simple in their room!






And it’s done! Just like that. Little man can come at any point now! I tried not to stress about their room too much, because Lilly didn’t even have a nursery until she was about a month old because we moved to a new house to weeks after she was born. Plus we plan on co-sleeping again with Liam until he is sleeping through the night!


36 weeks + 5 days!

Next on the nesting list is packing my hospital bag, Liam’s diaper bag, and installing his car seat!


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