Anniversary Trip and Babymoooon.


Nathan and I spent the past weekend in Galveston celebrating our anniversary a little early! It was our FIRST weekend away together without Miss Lilly! We, ok mostly me, survived! I had to prepare myself for like three weeks… Seriously! But I am so thankful that we took some time away and spent it alone.


It was really strange not having her at first! I mean, I do spend all day everyday with her! But it was nice to not be in a rush while eating out and chasing a little one non-stop. We did miss her a ton though!

We actually stayed a night in Houston and then woke up and drove out to the beach the next morning and then stayed in Galveston! It’s one of our favorite things to do for our anniversary.

I can’t believe that we are celebrating four years (on May 19th!) of marriage! It doesn’t feel that long most of the time, and others I feel like we have been married forever!

I am so thankful to be married to my bestfriend! Seriously. I am thankful to be with someone who loves me unconditionally and gets me! I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else. He gets all the heart eyes!


I love being silly with him. Singing loud and crazily with the windows down with him. Drinking too much coffee. Having him not judge me for always eating and being hungry 😉 And watching him love our daughter so perfectly! I can’t wait to see him with Liam.

This weekend was just what we needed to get away and relax before little man comes!

Sunday we made a quick stop in The Woodlands to see some of our favorite people in the whole world! We love the Raven’s so much! No matter how much time we spend a part from them, we always know that we can come back together and talk for HOURS. Literally. And! They get us! We get them! And our friendship is so special. They encourage and love us so well! It was fun to try new places too! Ruggles Green and Crave were so yummy.


We may or may not have lost track of time and had to speed to a wedding in Houston! And it was such a beautiful wedding! Everything about it was perfect. I am so sad we didn’t get a roomie picture! I did get to sneak a picture with this beauty though! I loved getting to catch up with her and have her rub my belly all night 😉


After our fun and eventful weekend we had to pack up and head back home! We stopped for coffee and got on the road with this sweet bump.


And now we are exactly one month away from our due date! Maternity pictures have been taken, we have had our shower, the nursery is complete, and we have taken our babymoon! Little man can come at any point now 😉

I have high expectations for myself with several blog post on the way in the next couple of weeks! Let’s see if I can follow through and not just nap with Lilly during her nap time and get them posted!

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