The next best thing to sunflowers in Texas is bluebonnets! It means that spring is here! And more wildflowers are on their way. It just makes my heart so happy! And to make it all better, add in this little cutie below running (because what toddler sits and smiles for a picture?!) through them and it’s seriously the best thing ever!


A friend of mine had posted about this little patch of bluebonnets, so we immediately loaded up the jeep and headed to it! The sun was already setting and my husband was out playing disc golf with a friend, so I was all alone in this adventure! Which is a lot of chasing and squatting and being goofy while 8 months pregnant. I am sure it was a great scene for the cars driving by! And let’s be real, I am not above bribery. At all. So I brought along my trusty jelly beans and attempted to get a few shots of her sitting! But it just ended in her getting up quickly and running at me for “MORE BITE”! At least I tried? And what good parent doesn’t want to stuff their child with sugar right before bedtime! πŸ˜‰ So here are some pictures of Lilly chewing away at her beloved candy..

Along with some fake smiles… Because “if you smile we will go see the dog!”. Again, I am not above bribery in any way!


Even with the random rock findings and exploring of bugs, these are all some of my favorite pictures of Lilly! She makes my heart so happy! And I love seeing her so happy!


Mama loves you so much sweet girl!


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