New Kitchen!

I am so in love with our new kitchen!

We have lived in our home for a little over a year and a half now, and have talked about doing something to the kitchen since we moved. We just never got around to it and it so it never happened!

But once we got back from Portland I was ready to DIVE IN and start something new! I am over the moon about how it turned out. My dear husband worked SO hard to make it perfect!

I am so upset though that I didn’t take any BEFORE pictures.

Our top and bottom cabinets were the same color wood, so these pictures were taken after we had already painted them white.


Then my lovely husband worked so hard on the back splash and it turned out PERFECT! We also decided to go darker on the bottom cabinets because we have a toddler who is destructive/messy and white paint didn’t seem like a good choice. But I love navy, so it worked out perfectly!


I love love love it! I love how clean and bright and WHITE everything is!

Nooooooow it’s officially time to get started on the nursery! We have 10 weeks to transform Lilly’s room into a fun woodlands theme for her and Liam to share! We bought Liam’s bed this past weekend (more heart eyes to the hubs for taking me to IKEA!) and can start slowly putting everything together. I can’t wait!


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