Bump-date: 29 weeks.


How far along? 29 weeks. Hellllllllooo third trimester!! How am I seven months pregnant?!

Baby is the size of: an acorn squash! Weighing about 3 lbs and 15 in long.

Total weight gain/loss: 19ish lbs.

Maternity clothes? Goodbye regular jeans! Maternity jeans and leggings full time, baby!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. Thank you Burt’s Bees Belly Butter!!

Pretty good for the most part! As long as I don’t fall asleep on my right side, then I can sleep through the night fine. Otherwise I am waking up with back pain (round ligament).

Exercise?: Thursday I ran 2.5 miles! We took a little break at 1.5 miles to play at the park and then finished up our run home. Friday we went to the zoo, chasing Lilly counts? Saturday was a rest day. Sunday I ran 2.3 miles, it was suuuuper windy! So it was a run/quick walk in some areas because I was running with Lilly and the stroller was almost impossible to push against the wind. Monday was a rest day. Tuesday I did THIS workout video! (I really love this group and I always pick a random video of theirs to do. This is one of my favorites!) And today I am going to do a workout video once Lilly goes down for her nap!

Best moment this week: Having Lilly give her brother kisses. My sister showed her how to “kiss brother” and Lilly just thought it was so funny to kiss my belly! It was super sweet.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach!

Movement: Lots of movement that is getting stronger by the day. He is such a wiggle worm and always kicking, rolling, or dancing it seems.

Food cravings: Sweet tart jelly beans are my liiiiiiiiiifeeee. Seriously, so many heart eyes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!


Labor Signs: Nothing

Symptoms: Round ligament pain comes and goes… Thank goodness for yoga balls to bounce on and relieve the pressure.

Belly Button in or out? It is currently more OUT than in, but not completely out.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happppppy 🙂

Looking forward to: I have started hanging Liam’s clothes up and I forgot how little and sweet everything is! Was Lilly that small?! Hoping to make a trip to IKEA this weekend to pick up a crib or toddler bed for Lilly… But we are slowly getting things together!


If you missed last weeks bump-date, you can check it out HERE!!!


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