Healthy Boy.


So let me back up about four weeks… What a long four weeks it has been!

We went for our anatomy scan the first week of January and that was when we found out baby #2 was a BOY! Such a happy and surreal day! We were ecstatic and in shock to say the least.

Side note, with this pregnancy I am using a midwife group instead of an OB, for a few different reasons and a later post. So when I went in for my anatomy scan I didn’t actually do it in their office, I went to a fertility clinic across the hall to have my sonogram done. Everything appeared to be normal (from what we can tell, but there is no way are we able to tell you what is on the sonogram screen half of the time, ha) but the technician didn’t say much. Which I know they aren’t suppose to, but at least give us something!

I had my regular appointment with my midwife immediately after and I asked her if everything looked ok? She said there was only one comment about the placenta insertion. But quickly said not to worry, because if something was wrong the technician would have come and told her immediately. She let me know that once a physician reviewed the sonogram results that they would contact me if I needed to come back in, otherwise everything was ok and not to worry!

A week passes and I didn’t hear anything from anyone. So of course my curiosity kicks in and I decide to google the issue. BAD IDEA, GUYS! Which I knew ahead of time but I did it anyways. I read so many mixed reviews about it being no big deal, and then several moms saying it was actually a big deal and caused issues with the growth of their baby.

[It was essentially that the umbilical cord isn’t attached to the center of the placenta, which can lead to growth issues around 30-40 weeks. Some babies stop growing completely and some are perfectly fine.]

So the next morning I immediately call the nurse to see what was going on. She checked my file and there was no notes about anything being wrong with the sonogram. Hence why I didn’t get a call to come back in. So she was going to call my midwife and see what was going on. After three days of phone tag, my midwife said the overall anatomy scan wasn’t great so she wanted me to get a re-scan with a high risk doctor.


I feel as though I am missing some information. Why couldn’t I go back across the hall and re-scan when little man was awake? He was just being stubborn and decided to sleep while she was trying to get pictures of him. Why was I going to see a high risk doctor? Was I considered “high risk” now? So. many. questions.

I call back the next day and deal with another week of phone tag between me, the nurse, the midwife, and the doctor. She says to just cancel my appointment at the high risk office and we will figure out if I can do it at the same place. Since “nothing is wrong, she just wants a better scan”.

Another week passes without hearing from anyone and I go in for my next appointment with my midwife.

She apologized for their lack of sensitivity towards the situation and about not getting back to me quickly. Because like any other expecting mom, and I am home freaking out and googling horror stories. Not the advice I would give to anyone! But it happened.

She told me that her and another midwife and the doctor took another look at the scan and they actually saw where the placenta insertion was, BUT they couldn’t see all four chambers of the heart. They already scheduled me an appointment the following week (TODAY!) to have my sonogram done there. I only googled what a missing chamber meant for like ten seconds that night before Nathan made me turn my phone off, haha. I have a smart husband!

The stories of course weren’t great and I was preparing for our son to have open heart surgery his first week of life. I then came to my senses and was reminded NOT TO STRESS. To give this to the Lord, because He is in control! I just needed to wait until the appointment that following week. I couldn’t let myself get worked up every other day.

This morning I head to my appointment and I was feeling confident and trusting the Lord. Everything was going to be great! And if it wasn’t, that’s ok. We would deal with the outcome no matter what it was.

Nathan had an appointment at work that he couldn’t get out of and we weren’t worried about the re-scan, so I went alone. I felt fine all week/morning until I got there and they called me back and I started walking to the room.

Tears. Thank you pregnancy hormones!

I tried to keep it together as the sonogram technician was getting all of her pictures. Everything seemed fine to me? You know, with all of my sonogram knowledge. She just wasn’t saying anything the whole time, which was making things worse. And then finished up and said ok a doctor will come in to take a look also and talk you through everything.

I sat and prayed those next 2352346 minutes. Which was really only like 5 minutes, but it felt like a million. I prayed for peace. Over and over. I already heard little mans heartbeat and saw his face and him wiggling around, so that helped significantly in calming me down.

The doctor finally comes in, who looked like my younger brother, so I almost start to cry again, and begins to do another sonogram.

Thank you Jesus he was not ACTUALLY my younger brothers age and knew his stuff, of course!

He was very thorough and showed me every part of Liam that he could and talked everything through in great detail.

He started with His his brain and all the individual parts and they look perfect. Moved to his eyes, lips, nose, and mouth, and they all look perfect. Then to his heart and everything looks great! Both sides, the upper and lower half, the size of the heart. His stomach is in the correct spot, his kidneys, liver, legs, and arms, where all great!

Nothing seemed to be out of place, or missing, or anything.

So I backed him up and asked if he saw all four chambers of the heart? He was a little confused and I told him that was the whole reason I was there. So he went back and zoomed in and showed me them and that everything was PERFECT!

I asked him about the placenta insertion and he zoomed out and showed me where it was attached perfectly in the middle and the blood flowing through it.

He followed all of this with, “I am not really sure why you are here. Everything looks great! There are no red flags or concerns that we are seeing. So I will call your midwife and have you released from my care.”

Then he left. That whole month of stressing and worrying about our sweet Liam, to be comforted in about 20 minutes that he is perfectly healthy and growing as he should be.



I sat and cried a little and thanked the Lord for His goodness. Pulled myself together and headed out!

All that to say, our boy is HEALTHY and growing! And we could not be more thankful. It was so nice to see him again and hear his sweet heartbeat.

I am oh so thankful for the peace I have in the Lord.

It’s been a long month! But I am ready for these next 15ish weeks to fly by and meet our boy!


If you have made it this far, you deserve a cookie! Seriously.

And go an watch THIS VIDEO! I have had it on repeat all week. So. good.


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2 thoughts on “Healthy Boy.

  1. Oh Tiffany, I’m so sorry you went through all this! I had a similar experience and the wait for that sono was horrible! It’s so amazing all the technology that is out there for our babies although sometimes it causes unneeded stress and worry. So glad everything looked good. Praying for a peaceful pregnancy!


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