Bump-date: 24 weeks.


IMG_4720How far along? 24 weeks

Baby is the size of: an eggplant! Weighing 1.5 lbs!

Total weight gain/loss: I went to see my midwife last week and was actually weighed and had it compared to my initial weight, which I somehow became way off in my weight gain. Anyways! I have gained 16-17 lbs and I am learning to be ok with that! I ammmmmm six months pregnant, so I can’t stress about gaining weight while growing a human.

Maternity clothes? I am mostly in maternity jeans, because they are so comfy! But can still fit into my regular jeans! And a combo of maternity tops and flow tops I already owned.

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. My midwife says I should thank my mom for that! But my mom said she got them in her pregnancies, so who knows. I am going to thank Burt’s Bees Belly Butter! Which I have been using daily and LOOOOVVEEEE.

This past week sleep has become very uncomfortable. I can no longer sleep on my stomach anymore, which is a total bummer! So I rotate from side to side all night until my hip hurts from one side. It’s quite the hassle. And we had DNOW this weekend, so I am still pretty beat from that and taking advantage of Lilly’s nap times to get in my own nap!

Exercise?: Last Thursday Lilly and I took a nice walk to the park. Friday I did a workout video after our morning at the zoo, which seemed extremely hard. I just wanted to be napping the whole time! Ha. Saturday and Sunday were rest days. Monday was a tough run! And by run I mean, run.. walk.. walk.. run.. walk.. walk.. run some.. walk. Eating junk all weekend was not the best thing for getting out and attempting to run while pushing Lilly. So we had a leisurely run/walk for 1.5 miles. Tuesday we went on a walk to the park. And today I was finally motivated to get a GOOD workout in with a workout video while Lilly napped!

Best moment this week: Having my sister get to feel Liam kick!

Miss Anything? Nothing

Movement: Lots of movement that is getting stronger by the day. Especially when I am nursing Lilly, Liam likes to kick his sister 😉

Food cravings: GUMMY CANDYYYYYY. All of it.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

Gender: BOOOOOOY 🙂

Labor Signs: Nothing

Symptoms: Round ligament pain is completely gone, yay! And Braxton Hicks almost everyday. Nothing consistent or too intense, so I know it’s totally normally.

Belly Button in or out? In currently, but I don’t think that’ll last much longer.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happppppy 🙂

Looking forward to: We didn’t end up having our anatomy scan last week, long story for another post. But I do have a scan scheduled for THIS Friday! Pray for good results and cooperation from little man.

If you missed last weeks bump-date, you can check it out HERE!!!

And Lilly decided to join again for the pictures! 😉

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