Park Days With My Little Loves.

IMG_4562Kimono: Forever 21 (similar) //Shirt: Piko // Necklace: Mama & Little
Shorts: Old Navy // Shoes: Sun & Ski (similar)

Yesterday was such a beautiful day for the park! Well, really anyway that the sun is out then Lilly and I will probably be at the park. It is so nice that we have one so close to our house.


Lilly got four shots at her 18 month check up on Friday, so she is still recovering from those. Which means her nap was cut short due to coughing and restless-ness (is that a word?)! We had a few free hours before we had to be back up at the church, so Nathan and I loaded Lilly into the stroller and headed to the park!



I apparently was more excited for the SUNSHINE than anyone else and wore shorts! In January! So crazy. But I have been extremely hot this pregnancy, so I was taking advantage of the opportunity. I cannot wait for spring time!

It looks like we are going to be having another nice week ahead of us though! So I am sure there will be many more trips to the park and zoo in our near future!


I can already tell that this will be one of my go-to-outfits this spring!

It is such a simple way to “dress the bump”! I have so many of these Piko tops and I just love how flow they are! Mine are all size small, so I might order a couple in mediums to grow with me. They are also great nursing tops! They are so stretchy and loose, that it makes it easy to use as a cover too while feeding.

And I pretty much lived in these Chacos at the end of Lillys pregnancy! I love that you can adjust the straps whenever and they are OPEN. What every pregnant woman dreams of while rapidly growing in the summer time 😉

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