Being Intentional.


We have had an adventure packed past week!

I am trying to be very intentional of my time with Lilly over these next five months. I can’t believe we only have 5 more months of it being just the two of us! Don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon about Liam joining our little tribe! But it will be an adjustment to split my attention between two babes. I am not worried (currently) about that though.

So my goal is to make sure I am doing things WITH Lilly. I am a stay at home mom, so of course I am always doing things “with Lilly”. She’s there when I go to the store, or the bank, or playdates/library, or to pick up food. But I want to make it a point to do things with her and not just because I can’t leave her at home by herself while I run errands, ha.

I want to plan and do things for/with Lilly where the time is completely dedicated to her and me (and dad when he can join us!) spending time together.Where my full attention is on her and about being present with her more than anything else.


Starting with bath time! Lilly really loves to play in the bath until the water is cold! And would probably stay longer if we let her. So we have been letting her take more baths more often, no matter what time of the day it is!

Last Friday we went to the library and it was craft day! Which Lilly loooooves crafts! She is all about coloring, painting, and creating things. So I love to encourage that whenever I can. We played with play-dough and created a snow globe! She was actually really good at helping with the glue and not eating it.

Lilly received museum passes for Christmas and I was seriously so excited to take her! I knew that she would just love it. We were able to go last weekend and she had so much fun! She ran wild and explored everything the whole time we were there. I can’t wait to take her back!

Our week filled up fast with activities and places to be, so I wanted to get out and do something with just me and Lilly as soon as we could. The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL this past week! High 60s in the “winter” is perfect for me. So we headed to the zoo Thursday morning for a mommy and daughter date! We haven’t been able to go to the zoo in a couple of months because of the holidays, so it was so fun to see how much Lilly had learned/grown since the last time we were there.

She would name a few of the animals and make animal noises the whole time! There was lots of “oh woooow” from her too. We had a great time! And of course the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!



How beautiful is this white tiger?! It was the perfect day for the zoo! All of the animals were out and Lilly even got to pet a snake! She wasn’t that impressed with it though, haha.

With all of this beautiful weather we have walked to the park almost everyday this week! She loves to play with new friends and talk to all the dogs along the way. I love my time that I get to spend with her!


Well there was our week! And it has officially made me ready for SPRING!

I also want to say that I am totally aware that making time with Lilly special doesnt have to include going and doing things! We have so much fun running around the house dancing and playing in her room, too. But because we have membership passes to the places we have gone and the weather has been so nice, we are taking advantage of getting out of the house and doing (FREE) things!

What are some things that you like to do with your little one?


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