Bump-Date: 21 weeks.


How far along? 21 weeks

Baby is the size of: Butternut squash

Total weight gain/loss: 10ish lbs

Maternity clothes? Starting to wear more maternity jeans and leggings because they are sooooo comfy! Along with a few fitted maternity tops!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet.

I will usually nap during the day when Lilly sleeps! But if I don’t have time/get the chance to take one, then I am fine and not struggling to function at 5pm. And still sleeping great at night! Except for the vivid/weird dreams.

Exercise?: This has been a short week because last weeks post was late. But I walked last Thursday, Friday I ran 2 miles and cut a minute off my overall time!, Saturday was a rest day, Sunday I ran 2.5 miles, Monday and Tuesday were rest days because of back pain, and today I did a workout video during Lilly’s nap time! My back was still hurting some still, so I pushed hard when I could and modified the other times that needed less pressure on my back.  

Best moment this week: Feeling more movement

Miss Anything? Nothing

Movement: Lots of flutters and kicks and rolls. Mostly happen in the afternoon after a workout or at night time when I am laying in bed.

Food cravings: This week has been much better as far as the constant hunger! But no real specific craving. Maybe more milk and cheese and orange juice! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

Gender: BOOOOOOY 🙂

Labor Signs: Nothing

Symptoms: Lower back pain on my right side! It comes in waves and is almost unbearable. Found out it is just round ligament pain, which is totally normal! But I am ready for it to pass. I can’t even walk or move when it hits. I thought it was from running, so that’s why I took a couple of rest days but when I realized it wasn’t going away I just pushed through and exercised anyways. Which was a good choice because I am feeling good now! 

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happppppy 🙂

Looking forward to: This back pain to be GONE! And slowly starting to decorate the nursery!

If you missed last weeks bump-date, you can check it out HERE!!!
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