Lilly Maye at 18 months.

Happy Half Birthday to the sweetest girl I know!


I cannot believe this sweet, beautiful, and sassy girl is already 18 months old?! It’s like the past six months have just flown by! I love getting to watch her grow and learn new skills everyday though.

We have so much fun with her! She is such happy girl and loves to play with momma and dada! Everything is new and exciting to her. And we love seeing how joyful she is.

Some of our favorite times with her are chasing her around the house and being silly before bedtime! Those are the times we get the best and loudest giggles from our sweet girl. She just adores her daddy.

Lilly is VERY independent! If she is not doing something on her own, then she is not doing it at all. This is a trait that I love and get most frustrated at. I know it is going to benefit her so much as she gets older! But for now, she needs to let ME be the one to feed her hot soup. It doesn’t matter what it is though, she has got to be the one doing it. Feeding herself, coloring, getting the paint brush wet, washing her hands, carrying things, ANYTHING! She is very curious also, which leads to lots of climbing and exploring. She has no fear!

Can say: “What is that?”, “Whose that?”, no, momma, dada, mimi, poppy, papaw, Nay, B (uncle Brazos), Lilly, baby, dog, duck, hi, bye, ball, WOOOOW, and a few other things. And loooooots of chinese sounds!

Although she doesn’t say a whole lot in english ( πŸ˜‰ )she makes up for in signing. I love seeing her sign appropriately!
She can sign: no, more, please, thank you, and water

Animal noises: dog, elephant, lots of growling for when she is unsure, cows, ducks, cats, and horse.


At 18 months Lilly loves:

  • to dance! Loves, loves, loves, loves it.
  • to color and paint! She is not real big into playing with many toys, but you can almost always find her walking around the house with a colored pencil and piece of paper in hand. Or coloring on the walls… I love you magic erasers!
  • to snack- yogurt is her favorite!, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, goldfish, veggie sticks, pretzels, string cheese, and fruit snacks.
  • water!
  • playing with friends
  • stacking blocks
  • playing with her kitchen
  • being outside
  • reading books
  • watching movies during breakfast (unless dad is home, he takes advantage of some extra cuddles before bedtime)
  • to give kisses
  • fuzzy blankets
  • CLIMBING!! On anything and everything!
  • to do animal puzzles

Lily is a great sleeper! We can lay her down in her crib/pack-n-play if we are out at friends or our parents and she will go straight to sleep. We (or mostly me) are pretty strict on her bedtime. She goes to bed as close to 7pm every night that we are home and will sleep till about 8-9am. Very few things wake her up, so we usually have guest over her because we know she will still get some rest. She only takes one nap a day for about 3 hours everyday, and it is glorious!


Another favorite thing is that Lilly loves to play with her baby dolls. She says “baby, hi baby, bye baby”. And carries them everywhere under her arm. She feeds them, kisses them, plays with with, and is so sweet to them. It makes me so excited to see her as a big sister! I know she will love little Liam so much! I think the only problem will be her wanting to help too much! She we are working on being gentle and NOT picking up real babies without an adult, ha.

We love you so much Miss Lilly and are so blessed to have you as our daughter! We can’t wait to see how much more you grow in the next six months.

You are my favorite toddler, my love.

Thanks for stopping by!




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