IMG_4180Dress: similar- kids version// Leggings: Target//
Shoes:Express (these are a couple of years old, but this is the same style)

It’s a BOY!!

I cannot even believe it?! Well, actually I can because I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time. But I was really starting to think it was a girl during the weeks leading up to finding out. Nathan was 100% sure that we were having a girl though! Lilly is so fun and active and it made me excited to have another one! I hear boys are just as busy, but I tend to see the opposite and they are very chill and cuddly. So maybe I jut have a crazy daughter 😉 I am looking forward to some sweet baby boy cuddles though!


We had our anatomy scan yesterday morning and were SO excited and anxious to find out for ourselves what we were having! The sono-tech said they heartbeat was 150 (old wives tale post says high heartbeat=girl) and Nathan immediately said , “Yup, it’s a girl!’. Her response was, “no you are wrong, y’all are having a boy!”.

We just stared at each other in shock.

What do you even do with a boy?! We didn’t believe it! Especially Nathan. Because for weeks he had been convinced himself that we would have a house full of girls.


We could not be more excited! All I wanted was to see a healthy baby and would be happy with girl or boy! Even though I knew it was a boy all along (for the most part), I still don’t even know how to feel?! A boy seems so foreign to me. It’ll be fun and interesting though!

It was so sweet too, because the whole time Lilly was saying “baby, my baby, baby baby”. My heart melts thinking about the big sister that she will be. I cannot even wait.


The rest of the day I didn’t even have time to processes because we were having our parents and all of our siblings over for dinner (the ones that could make it) for a gender reveal party. So there was lots of cleaning and cooking to be done. Oh, and napping of course 😉

After dinner we had them bite into cupcakes that I made for the grand surprise! Even though the whole family was saying BOY, but it was still fun and exciting.


Oh, sweet boy! You are already loved by so many.


Dada, Mama, and your big sis Lilly


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