Old Wives Tales.

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I can’t believe the time is ALMOST here! Tomorrow we will find out the gender of baby #2! Then we can finally stop calling it “baby #2” and their actual name. And I just LOVE this little onsie that I tie-dyed at a Christmas party! I thought it was perfect because we don’t know the gender and it’s the only thing that I have for baby #2 so far! I also have a matching one for Lilly 🙂

I thought it would be fun to put some old wives tales to the test out before we find out the gender on Tuesday. Of course they are not 100% accurate, but it is still fun to guess. I thought that once I was further along I would have a better feeling on what I am having, I honestly have no clue though!! Nathan says it’s for sure a girl! I am just preparing myself for a boy?! haha.

I threw together some of the most common ones that I could find and will answer them based on my pregnancy so far! I will color-code them based one which one represents it. At the end I will determine if I am having a boy or girl 😉


Old wives tales for gender prediction:

Carrying high or low? Low. I think! It’s hard to tell because I don’t feel like I am really showing all that much yet.

Heartbeat is ABOVE 140 means it’s a girl, and BELOW means a boy: so far it has been 119, 120, 140, 145.

Are your cravings sweet or sour? Both! But mostly sweet.

Chinese Birth Chart predicts: Girl

Mayan Gender Predictor: Boy

Morning sickness or feeling great? Feeling great!

Do you sleep mostly on your right side or your left side? Left side

Does it look like pregnancy has “stolen your beauty” (ACNE!!) or that pregnancy has made you “look more beautiful“? When reading this one on line it was mostly in reference to acne, and I would definitely say that I have broken out more now than before I was pregnant. Aka- GIRL.

If you are having headaches, you might be carrying a boy.- I had headaches early on, but once I went to get new contacts then they have gone away. So girl!

If it’s a girl the woman has extra weight out front and if it’s a boy the woman has extra weight around the bottom and hips.- BOOOOOY. Well that’s what I have been told. Apparently my hips/butt is growing like crazy… I will say that I feel like I am carrying my weight gain differently this pregnancy though.

Did your wedding ring swing back and forth or in a circle? Back and forth

So overall:
Girl- 4
Boy- 5
Ties- 2

Based on old wives tales I am having a…. BOY!


We will have to wait and see tomorrow morning what the gender really is!

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