Bump-date: 17 weeks.


How far along? 17 weeks

Baby is the size of: As long as asparagus! Head to heal: 7.75 in.

Total weight gain/loss: 7ish lbsI forgot to weigh myself this morning and just weighed the same as last week.

Maternity clothes? Still nothing consistently. I tried to wear leggings again and they just kept sliding down and I was getting annoyed, so I changed. And most of my tops are already flow-y, therefore I am fine there! But my pants are starting to get a little tight.. I’m sure I’ll be in maternity jeans soon.

Stretch marks? Nothing yet.

I will usually nap during the day when Lilly sleeps! But if I don’t have time/get the chance to take one, then I am fine and not struggling to function at 5pm. And still sleeping great at night! Except for the vivid/weird dreams.

Exercise?: This week has been much better! Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I did workout videos. Saturday I took a rest day because we went to a tree farm (chasing Lilly around for an hour), went to a birthday party for one of Lilly’s friends (chasing Lilly around), then went to my cousins graduation (Lilly didn’t even make it before the students walked out… we found an empty room and ran for another hour!), and then home around 9pm. So we had a BUSY day! I’m sure a burned a few calories some where in there 😉 Sunday I went for a 2.5 mi run. Which my body feels GREAT! Butttttt, I am going to have to start texting people ahead of time so I can take a restroom break in the middle. Monday was another rest day because we had our Christmas MOPS party and I needed a nap. And Tuesday I did a workout video!

Best moment this week: Seeing my “bump” really start to come in!

Miss Anything? Nothing

Movement: Lots of flutters! So fun!

Food cravings: Still everything gummy! And Spicy. And noodles. All day, everyday.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

Gender: Still don’t know! This whole time I had been thinking BOY, or preparing myself for a boy (because what do you even do with a boy?! But this past week I have been leaning more towards a girl?! I don’t even know. I am sure I will change my mind 20 times before the appt. 3 more weeks!

Labor Signs: Nothing

Symptoms: Still.ALWAYS. hungryyyyyy. And some very minor heartburn these past two days. Probably too many hot cheetos…

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happppppy 🙂

Looking forward to: Knowing the gender!

If you missed last weeks bump-date, you can check it out HERE!

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