Tree Farm.


This past Saturday we went to a tree farm and it was so much fun! Or had the possibility to be so much fun, haha. They had tons of activities for kids! But Lilly was too small to do most of them. She had so much fun running through the trees though!

I had all these great visions for the day! We dressed in coordinating outfits, Lilly was going to be HAPPY the whole time, and we were going to take cute family pictures.

But we ended up getting thereย later than we expected, putting us there when Lilly should have been napping. And she didn’t eat before we got there/out of the jeep to go. So we were already on the fast-track to have a grumpy toddler! We were also trying to get these done before it started raining.

Of course I was happy and excited! But Lilly didn’t want to be held. At all. She only wanted to run around and play! Which is mostly fine. Except when Nathan tries to hold her and she acts like the world is ending and throws a fit… Then we have a grumpy toddler and a grumpy hubs.. (Sorry babe, I love you ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

We made the most of it though because we had to a pay an entry fee since we weren’t actually buying a tree, we already have four up in our house, and just wanted to take pictures!


It wasn’t a total waste of a trip! I love all the pictures that we got.



And we can’t leave out baby #2! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love this growing bump of mine!


And our attempt at a family picture taken by a stranger!


And one of my favorites!


Maybe next year we will plan better! And buy a tree?! Everyone did survive from this adventure and feelings have been mended. Soย for now I will just be in love with the pictures we have!


Thanks for stopping by!




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