Labor Day.

I am so looking forward to a lazy day at home with my family! If you haven’t noticed, I have been a total slacker lately with updating post.

Does life ever slow down?! I am going to stick with no, no it doesn’t. But we are embracing it! Learning to thrive on little to no sleep… for me at least because Nathan can pass out before his head hits the pillow! I lay down to go to sleep and my brain starts going 100 miles an hour?! Whyyyyyyy.

I have still been taking my camera everywhere with me though and have loads of post to do! A fall session, Lilly’s lunches (because I know everyone wants to see how cute she is), my easy go to crockpot meal, and a few more randoms. This week should be full of post!

But for now, we have Lilly being just as cute as ever!


I am so in love with this outfit that Lilly has on! We got it for her in Mississippi back in May for her to wear in Scotland on the fourth of July! But of course the bag that it was in was sent to another airport… So it took almost a week to get it back. Also, Scotland was much cooler than Texas (duh) so it worked out!

IMG_9558 IMG_9555


IMG_9592 IMG_9588

This pigtails just kill me! I cannot get over how CUTE they are!!



She just loves to play with her daddy! It is a must that he comes with us to take pictures because this girl is alwaaaaays on the move! She is so busy and happy! We love her so much more than she will ever know. She brings so much joy to our lives!






Until next time,



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