Weekend Vibes.

So I am loving taking my camera everywhere! I love the challenge of using it in different lightings and environments.

Friday we got to spend the day with my beautiful grandma! Lilly had so much fun playing with her great-grandma. This lady is so special to us. She is strong, brave, a health nut, and loves Jesus. What more could you want?! 😉 Lilly is busier than ever lately! So trying to get her to sit still for a picture just isn’t happenin’!

IMG_9040 IMG_9039 IMG_9038


She had so much fun playing and running around her Great Mommom’s house that once we got in the car she CRASHED. Car naps are wonderful and peaceful. And also means that iced coffee is always necessary! Yay for snapchat pictures 😉

Saturday we went to the ZOO! Lilly got family memberships for the year and so it was our first family trip! She loved pointing at all of the animals and attempting to make animal sounds. She also loved all the people and kids. Homegirl knows no stranger. She did awesome for “napping” for 15 minutes in the car, it being super hot, and sometimes being terrified of large animals. Lilly was way more interested in looking at the animals than taking pictures. She called all the animals “dog” and attempted to make animal noises, which is seriously the cutest. She also made lots of new friends. This sweet girl knows no stranger! She will grab your hand, food, or face without hesitation. Overall the day was wonderful and such a successful trip! There weren’t any meltdowns on anyones part 😉 All these pictures are from my phone!



IMG_8184IMG_8186 IMG_8188 IMG_8187IMG_8197IMG_8208IMG_8204IMG_8202

IMG_8206 IMG_8207

And Lilly had her first Dippin’ Dots experience! She was a fan, of course! Nathan said, “these are the next best thing since Blue Bell”.

The weekend ended with a family session for the Fuller’s! It was nice getting to know more about their family and what they do. And their boys are just darling!


It was such a good weekend! And there was a lot of binge watching of The Blacklist. We are SO obsessed! Anyone else into it?! We can’t get enough. I took some more photos a friends little girl that I was watching on Monday. So I will try and get those up tomorrow!

Until next time,


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