Park Fun!

Another month has already flown by with this little cutie! As always, life is busy and schedules don’t match… but I have been dying to get out and take some pictures! So I am challenging myself to TAKE MORE PICTURES! Take my camera everywhere I go and just snap away. How else will I improve and get better?! Who knows if I will post them all, but I will try! This way I can see my progress over time.

Day one: family walk to the park!

Lilly is so fun to watch because she loves to play and she loves people! She wanted to swing, and climb, and slide, and talk to the boys (uh, too soon for that?!). And some of these aren’t completely focused because chasing a one year old around a playground isn’t always easy! But she is just the cutest thing!






I wish this one was focused on her. I love how much she loves her daddy! He always makes her smile!


My favorite is the “golden hour”. All the images become so warm and her pretty blues really start to pop!IMG_8943 IMG_8940

Thanks for stopping by!



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