Happy ONE year to my little love bug.

How has a year (and almost one month) already passed?! It seems like just yesterday that Nathan and I were bringing these sweet cheeks home from the hospital. Lilly Maye has completely changed our lives and we couldn’t be more in love. We often ask ourselves, what did we even do before she was here?! Here are a few shots from celebrating her first birthday that one of our dearest friends snapped at her first birthday party!



IMG_8080 IMG_8083


This summer has been absolutely wonderful so far! It has been BUSSSSY and full of adventures. But now that it’s August I feel life will slowly start to slow down for us. For a couple of weeks that is! Which should give me plenty of time to rest, binge watch Netflix during naps, edit pictures, maybe even upload pictures from our trip?!, and hang out with friends.

Todays post is all about the girl who changed our lives! If you haven’t read any of my previous post yet then check out her birth story and a mommy and me/what I’ve learned as a mama!

So for now I will be short and sweet! And of course lots of pictures.

We did a “quick session” for Lilly’s one year pictures two nights before we left for Scotland. I will admit, not my best idea… Meaning they were very rushed, 100 degree weather, and a fussy baby. Sounds fun, huh? So I didn’t get a whole lot of what I was going for! Therefore we did another session after out trip to try and get the photos I wanted. And thank you Jesus for giving me the kindest and most patient husband who is always up for a random photo shoot. Well lets be real, maybe not always up for a random shoot. But I totally understand because I usually drag him around to some random and new place, in the heat, to act as wild as he can be to get Miss Lilly to smile and be cute. It really is his own fault though, because I wouldn’t keep taking him if he wasn’t so successful. I love him way more than he knows for putting up with me. As always, he gets alllllllll the heart eyes.

Here are a few from that session:





IMG_7042 IMG_7038


IMG_7097 IMG_7096 IMG_7094

So Lilly at one year:
She is FULL of energy. All. the. TIME! But I absolutely love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.
She loves loves loves people! Lilly gets so excited when people come over and can’t wait to play until she is absolutely exhausted. And even then, she will throw a fit if she can’t keep playing.
Still BF and will be until she weans herself. Unless another sibling comes along… 😉
Loves to snack on: shredded cheddar cheese, bananas, pretzels, sweet potato cereal, and strawberries.
Takes a morning and afternoon nap. Although they are slowly becoming shorter and shorter.
Can show you how old she is with her finger!
Has six teeth.
Can sign “more” and “no”
Says: mama, dada, night night, no no, dog,
Loves to make animal noises.
Favorite songs: the its bits spider and patty cake with hand motions.
Likes to give high fives, wave, and blow kisses.
Climbs onto anything she can.
Loves to make expressions and make others laugh.
She is fun and sweet and sassy!

So a few nights ago we woke Lilly up from her nap (like I said, I can be crazy) and headed for some sunflowers with her TP that took ages for me to put together. Enjoy! And message me if you are interested in booking a session. You can check here to look at a few more things I’ve done. BUT, back to Lilly 🙂


IMG_8748 IMG_8753 IMG_8750


IMG_8763 IMG_8770 IMG_8769 IMG_8767 IMG_8766

IMG_8771 IMG_8772

IMG_8778 IMG_8782 IMG_8807 IMG_8800 IMG_8799 IMG_8798 IMG_8797IMG_8855IMG_8851

These were so fun to do and I love how much her dress/the scenery changed as the sun was setting.

This girl is loved more than she will ever know! Thank you Jesus for choosing Nathan and I to be her parents. Though we may fail, I pray we teach her grace and to love You with her whole heart.

Until next time,



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