a trip down memory lane.

Nathan and I are celebrating being married for three years TODAY! How does that even seem possible that we have been married for there years? It seems like just yesterday we were hanging out on the bus headed to church camp. The time has flown by these past ten years! We have experienced so much change and life in these three years of marriage so far! I couldn’t imagine anyone better to go to events with, travel the world with, and serve together than with Nathan Ryan.

So of course, you know me and my sappy and sentimental self, I wanted to take some time to look back on our past three years and everything that has happened! So this post will mostly just be pictures of everything since we got married.

May 19, 2012 was such a perfect day! I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day. We were surrounded by family and all of our friends as we celebrated our love and commitment to each other.

251910_4291691969284_1460627031_n602611_4291690809255_375203115_n403875_4291489924233_1199237417_nI loved this part of our ceremony! Getting to wash each others feet and starting our marriage off getting to serve each other. This is what Christ calls us to do in John 13:14-17!
488137_4291518724953_11727307_n541388_4291520204990_1284211035_n553781_4291521765029_876212006_n                        532400_4291698449446_1150200942_n 376227_4292060938508_309208595_n  376238_4291718409945_1624152890_n 580892_4292051938283_571130814_n The next morning we made the drive down to Galveston to get on a cruise for our honeymoon!

552953_4076748115822_1068176166_n306231_4076725155248_378138770_n 292139_4076746195774_1890428038_n 522902_4076739115597_949282505_nAfter returning to our new home together in Conroe, we had a summer full of adjusting to married life, Nathan starting his job at Luke’s Locker, wedding season, and random dates!

292516_4169770921334_373996331_nTwo weeks after our wedding, we got to celebrate the Davis’ beautiful wedding! It was such a blessing to go through seasons of being engaged and becoming a wife (and now mother) with this lovely lady! She is so wonderful and always showing me how to be a Godly wife and mother.

470053_4169785721704_100368820_oRusin Wedding!

177999_4319754350826_273554343_oTerry wedding!

548603_4644151220545_1139265511_nFun doing dishes? My least fave chore… Good thing he enjoys it 😉

327723_4510135990248_1179611596_oSmithson wedding!

Then school started back up for me once August came and things started to slow down and we were learning what a routine looked like for us. And because my husband is the absolute best, we went on another cruise in November for a late birthday gift! Our honeymoon was absolutely amazing and we jut loved going on cruises. It was so nice to have everything in one place, but also be able to go to several different countries in one trip! So we road tripped to Florida to go on a five day cruise to the Bahamas. Best. birthday. ever!

23955_4926121349622_1821041808_n 534661_4926116709506_1008269257_n 207462_4926115269470_780145358_n-2 It was a much needed break to the beach! We came back to cold-ish Texas weather and celebrated our first Thanksgiving together! We started the morning off with our first 5K doing the Turkey Trot. Which is a fave family tradition of mine! 408584_10200305369415639_2122537777_n
But celebrating Thanksgiving can only mean one thing… CHRISTMAS TIME IS NEAR! We bought our first (fake) tree together and spent a night making homemade ornaments to decorate the tree and apartment with! So much fun 🙂


409668_10200305373375738_974148417_nWe also got to celebrate the Sanchez wedding in December!

After Christmas we loaded up a bus of college students with our church in Conroe to head to Georgia to attend Passion Conference! And of course, it was amazing. We brought in the new year at Passion before heading back to Conroe!

582301_10200305377295836_1714940063_nSpring was busy with school, but I am thankful for having such a loving and supportive husband through it all! We tried to make time for several day trips to the beach! I miss that perk of living in Conroe!

554671_10200935912818830_1026880998_n67906_10200935893898357_1371828468_n Wedding season was back again once summer time came.
And our first one of the season was the Hester’s beautiful wedding! 1010283_10201450389560427_1789696245_n 1017484_10201438853232026_501938146_nWe also got to send off this beauty on her first mission trip! Y’all, I can’t say enough how perfect the Lords timing is! Living in another city was hard for us. Our schedules were busy and we couldn’t seem to get super plugged in anywhere to make friends. Or maybe we are just weird and people didn’t want to be our friends lol. BUT, Meagan Raven holds a special spot in my heart. The Lord allowed us to grow our friendship so quick and so deep in a short time. Which makes me sad it wasn’t sooner, but also thankful that it happened. Meagan is such a beautiful soul. She constantly encouraged me and challenged me in my walk. I miss the hours of coffee and talks that we had on our couch. We loved having our Raven’s over at least three times a week for dinner and to  hang out. The guys would play soccer and we would just chat all night. I love them so much. Only a bond created by the Lord can remain strong after moving miles away from each other. I know we can talk whenever and it is like no time has passed in between. So much love for this girl! I miss doing life with her. 8576_10201420816101109_930039535_n McGuire wedding! 1010794_10201348715258633_2053335026_nAnd a surprise trip for Nathan!164901_10201178563644949_1343081754_n-2Just like that, a year had passed! I blind-folded Nathan and we headed to a surprise get away anniversary trip. Yay for the beach being so close! 969512_10201178566045009_1573561566_n Then to celebrate our first fourth of July together. We were such babies!1003136_10201473397135602_1865883890_n Mosley Wedding! 1012367_10201542411060907_591907746_nMarek Wedding! We obviously LOVE LOVE LOVE photo booths haha
971663_10100785096367725_1402067073_n 971661_10100785096232995_378026974_n

We celebrated Nathan’s birthday by purchasing our FIRST vehicle together!

Watson Wedding!

Then after 3 1/2 years of hard work at Sam Houston State University, I graduated with a degree in Sociology! So thankful for all the support from my family! It was so special to have these people celebrate that day with me!
17738_10201675828636263_1238548424_n 1098287_10201672161344583_2144726690_n995947_10201672174744918_1975255156_n
But with graduation means moving on… We packed up and headed back to Fort Worth into our second home together!

Then celebrated Nathan’s brothers wedding! What beautiful ceremony Ryan and Randy had! I am so thankful to have her apart of the family. She is SUCH a babe. I love her and her heart so much. Thank you Jesus for making us sisters. I am so happy to do life with her!
The next day we celebrated my graduation the only way we know how… we headed to the BEACH! We took a road trip to San Diego and stopped to see the Grand Canyon on the way. Wow. Just wow! People, that is something to see! So worth the drive.
946002_10201728056901937_137564541_n 1174870_10201751312963324_378838113_n 971061_10201751299722993_1806223413_nAfter returning we celebrated my sisters wedding!
Things then slowed down again for a couple of months. But then birthday month hit and the adventures began again! The first two weeks of the month we headed to Macedonia with our church for a mission trip! It was our first trip to serve together as a married couple! And we went with such a wonderful team!
1380589_10202108682337335_2066387125_n 9406_10202138745168887_1617493572_n 1235082_10202138680167262_597097870_n 1391797_10202129751824059_2032757317_n 1379840_10202115499387757_1688684990_n
And fall means everything PUMPKIN, duh. So I took Nathan to his first pumpkin patch!
At the end of the month we headed to Las Vegas to celebrate birthdays and my cousins wedding!
1381207_10202278422100723_1503099295_n 1380239_10202283118858139_1674204026_n 1380786_10202283105137796_1561281234_n
And Halloween is always more fun when you get super into it!
1385927_10202316307447833_426848860_n 1004636_10202316494012497_1109236550_n
Nathan was in a bad wreck and we had to say goodbye to our first vehicle… But the Lord always provides and we were able to get this beauty! Jeep #2 is way better. Maybe because it slowly turned into being mine? 😉
Oh, and then find out the next week a baby was on the way!
So Lilly was in her first wedding as we were both apart of our best friends big day!
The holiday seasons came and went too fast and before we knew it, it was Valentines Day! So we went on a trip to Seattle to celebrate our loooovvvveee!
482569_10203146869971377_226797252_n 1620439_10203151541768169_1473794355_n

We had also found out Lilly was a girl the week before, so we decided on her name in a cute little coffee shop while we were there! Then came home for another week before her big reveal party!
IMG_2531-1 IMG_2533-1
March came and we went to the Raven’s BEAUTIFUL wedding! It was so fun to be apart of some of our best and dearest friends wedding!! So happy for them and how the Lord has used them in our own lives.
1456093_10203261004304664_328397732_nNathan also ran his first marathon that spring! And of course the weather was terrible, but he did it! I am always so proud of him and his accomplishments!
10153105_10203503360643421_647322749_nWe road tripped to Huntsville with the Davis’ for the Lynn wedding!
10168164_10203656134902682_4712606900111300448_nAnd just like that, another year had passed! So we loaded up the jeep and headed to South Padre Island (because being 8 months pregnant is apparently “too pregnant to cruise”. It was a sad day when we learned that) to celebrate two years of marriage!
10303765_10203767484966364_6484960764230030565_n 10312408_10203774671186015_1420809439197111636_n 10247224_10203767808734458_5802681988748589793_n
Nathan is so perfect, he dug a hole for my belly so that I could lay on my stomach and tan my back. He gets me.
10357526_10204067918837023_7087135277395217071_n 10253756_10204067943237633_7495475096678888385_n
Maternity pictures were so much fun and a great way to distract from stressful house buying! We thought Lilly would never have a room. Ok, maybe just me because I can be overly dramatic. She shared a room with us for two weeks in between our bed and boxes, then had a room of her own!
10460710_10204171100096490_4724110317543979757_n 10678813_10204694926431821_6567788228600096687_n
The World Cup was going on towards the end of my pregnancy, so that was a great distraction while I was on endless walks/runs! Nathan is very patriotic as well if you didn’t know!
10374869_10204077507596736_5643973258564258280_n 10441129_10204110447420211_1750081512803080594_n
Lilly made her arrival on July 12, 2014
Two weeks after we moved into our first HOME together!
Lilly attended her first wedding on the outside: Noel wedding!
Her next wedding outside of the womb was watching her second cousins wedding, the Osbornes!
Again, Halloween is always best when you go all out with your costumes! Our lil’ Sebastian, King, and Ariel costumes 🙂 
We got to take Lilly to her first pumpkin patch! She was thrilled, can’t you tell?
It only took us a couple months to go on our first baby-free date!
Cameron wedding!
Lilly’s first 5K and Thanksgiving!
At the beginning of December we took a little road trip to Mississippi for our cousins gender reveal!
We had our first Christmas party in our home!
Life group Christmas party: painting night.
And I got to bring in the New Year alone because staying up late is hard for the weak.
We also had *real snow days* for dayzzzzzz.IMG_2473Lilly’s first Easter
They are seriously my best friends. They make my heart so full! 
Date nights are not as often as they were before having Lilly, but we still take them when we can! And of course that means pictures in the bluebonnets. 

After almost three years at Luke’s, it was time to move on! So proud of Nathan and all that he does to support our family! He is the perfect provider for us.
I am also thankful for a husband who loves to be active with me! I love going on family runs. 
And to see them two together makes my heart melt even more. 
Thank you Jesus for giving me Nathan to be my husband.
And I know I only posted pictures of the good times. Of course we have our moments and days when we struggle and things aren’t always happy and fun or go our way. We are human and selfish and sinners, but we are learning to show each other grace everyday. I am so thankful to have a husband who is kind, loving, gracious, patient, and understanding towards me. Seriously. He totally gets me. I couldn’t picture doing this life with anyone else. Thank you for leading and providing for our family. I love you Nathan Ryan and look forward to many, many, many more years to come!

Love your bride,


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