Hello world!

I have been debating off and on for months on whether I would start a blog or not. In October when I turned 23 I thought I would start blogging, because that’s what 23 year olds do. Right? But my procrastination and laziness to starting something new got the best of me and it never happened. Then before the new year I said I would start January 1st! But again, no blog. Alas, March 16th, today is the day I join the blogging world! So hello friends and new friends that I meet along the way!

I am not sure what I want to blog about specifically yet. Things God has laid on my heart? My (in the truest sense) amateur photography? Talk about essential oils and my family’s testimonies? Just ramble about life? Talk about recipes that I like and that my family actually likes? Who even knows. One day this blog might have some direction, but for now I will just talk about life as it happens. And probably post a lot of pictures of my daughter Lilly! Because lets be real she’s super cute and I need somewhere to spam pictures of her.

So for today I will just introduce myself!

I am Tiffany! I am happily married to Nathan Ryan, who is too perfect for me. I am a Christ follower and try to serve Him and abide by Him daily. I am human though, so I more than thankful to wake up to new mercies and His grace every morning. Things I love: coffee, running, sunshine, spending time with my little family, my friends, bible studies, baking, and learning about photography. Things I do not love: meatloaf, fish, and doing laundry. And I will end todays post with some photos of my sweet little family!




Until next time,



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